Miracles Manifest Business Accelerator

How to Package Up Your Spiritual Gifts into a High-Ticket Program, Attract Ideal Clients like Clockwork + Earn Income Online from Your Soul's Purpose!

Are you tired of...

  • Not getting clients consistently?
  • Working HARD + hustling but not earning as much money as you desire?
  • Working 1:1 with clients, trading hours for dollars?
  • Making offers + hearing crickets?
  • Being confused about what to focus on?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Discounting or under-charing for your services (and sometimes even giving them away for free?!?)
  • Going it alone + having no one to bounce ideas off of?
  • Having no roadmap?
  • Having zero accountability?
  • Spinning your wheels?

You know you're meant for more.

You know so much more is possible.

You're just not sure what to do or how.

You're ready for the next level. More impact + more income!

You're Ready for...

  • A recipe you can follow that works
  • Accountability, support + structure
  • Consistent clients being booked up automatically while you sleep (or play!)
  • Predictable income
  • To own + honor your gifts + share them proudly + be more VISIBLE!
  • To charge what you're worth
  • To have a community of support + people who believe in you!

I know how you feel because I've been in your shoes.

I know what it's like to have a major gift, and a huge heart + to want to make a difference. I know what it's like to be stuck in a job, under-earning + so tired at the end of the day that you don't have much left over!

I also know what it's like to make the leap, take a risk, leave a job + start a business online from scratch.

Let me save you thousands of dollars and years of time + get the recipe from me!

Let me show you what took me from little income + random clients to consistently being booked out + charging premium prices, finally hitting 10k months!


Introducing... The Miracles Manifest Coaching Program...

this is your High-Ticket Sales Attraction System in a Box!

Working with Rachel was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was able to accomplish every one of my goals during my time with her. Rachel was truly there for me, and has given me the best support I’ve had in years. What I believed was only going to be a working relationship turned into a friendship. Throughout the entire program, I couldn’t wait until it was time for us to talk again. I highly recommend Rachel’s program.

- Anais Garcia, Intuitive Reader + Entrepreneur


I remember. I was there. I know what it feels like to want to change your life, use your gifts + create something new.

It can be so FRIGHTENING to want to make a huge change. It's a LEAP and it's SCARY!

Embracing our SOUL GIFTS and using them to design a life we love means making changes.

We might realize we have to get divorced. Or quit our job. Or reveal more of ourselves to people we're afraid might reject us!

When I started my business, it was on a hope + a prayer + over my kitchen table. I'll never forget how nervous I was for my first consultation! (What if they found out it was my first!?) I felt like a total fraud.

Fast-forward six years + I've built a successful business online. I've given hundreds of sessions to happy customers from all over the world all while creating a blog, online courses + group programs.

I won't pretend it was easy! But lucky you, you found me!

Let me share what took me years + thousands of dollars to figure out!

I can take the guesswork out of it for you + show you what works! I can teach you to create a sold foundation upon which you can grow a thriving home-based business where you share your expertise with others + build your tribe of raving fans!


Rachel is exceedingly patient and really knows what she’s doing. Part of why I choose to work with her was because I wanted to expedite the learning curve for getting a business online quickly. This has happened. I have a webinar up, I’m advertising and I’m getting new leads via my advertising/website (my email list quadrupled.) I had a very small following and now I have 4 x that number! I could not have done this without her direction and expertise in those areas!! Truly. It would have taken me months and months if not longer. So, it’s worth paying to learn it from an expert!

~Christine Snyder, Kansas City, MI

Get ready for YOUR Miracles Manifest!

The Miracles Manifest Mastermind is a 12 week program where you receive everything you need to finally package up your spiritual gifts into a high-ticket offer that you share with soul-mate clients who you LOVE to work with!

Here’s what you get:

Miracles Manifest Digital Program 16 weekly modules dripped out to you showing you exactly what to do in your business, each week, to set up your client attraction system. The program is yours for life! (Value $999)

Instant Messaging Access via Slack with Rachel Claire for 16 weeks (Value $999) You'll be able to instant message me via Slack to get coaching + get your questions answered. You'll also have access to the repository of resources in there from clients who have come before you. You'll get samples, examples + support from other sisters!

Mindset Coaching + Support: (Value $997) Up-level your game, clear your limiting beliefs, set new + empowering habits of the mind that support you in actualizing your dreams with my Manifest Your Miraculous Mindset program.

Tech training (Value $6000) for people just setting up their business systems. Learn everything I know about best practices in growing your spiritual business online. You'll receive training on how to set your website, your email list, autoresponders, payment processors, etc. (That's what it cost me to get it!)

How to Heal Yourself Digital Program 8 weeks of training on exactly how I learned to read Clairvoyantly & powerful ways you can read others + yourself, set your healing space + make separation after sessions.


BONUS Done for You Sales Scripts My script for sales calls that I use to close sales at 5k.

BONUS Done for you email scripts My exact scripts for emailing your list to generate cash-flow (Works every time!)

I could not be happier that I hired you Rachel. Hands down, it was the best decision I ever made for my business. You are so amazing at what you do! I was so excited about what I wrote for my webinar but when I went through it with you, I couldn’t believe how much better you helped me make it. Now I see it from a completely different perspective and now I’ll be able to differentiate myself and capture so much interest. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your amazingness with me!

~Faith Davis, Hatboro, PA


Week One: Master Your Mindset + Clear Your Money Blocks!

  • Clear your money blocks so that you can receive more money than ever before!
  • Create your powerful I AM mantras so that you can raise your consciousness
  • Write out your BIG WHY so you can have more than a business, you'll have a movement!
  • Design a daily practice that taps you in to your source + leaves you as the Creatress of your day!

Week Two: Mo' Mission, Mo' Money!

  • Craft your mission statement so that you know exactly who you help + how you help them!
  • Write out the blueprint for your signature program so that you can sell your program right away!
  • Set your premium price for your program so you can go from under-earning to hitting 10k months or more!

Week Three: Ignite Your Tribe

  • Tap into your existing market by getting visible with video, Facebook lives + creating awesome content so that you can position yourself as an expert + create your following
  • Create a Fabulous Facebook group, get all my guidelines for how to manage it + start simple FB Ads to grow it!

Week Four: Transformational Selling

  • Learn to LOVE sales!
  • Find out my 5 Steps to Yes!
  • Learn how to get your calendar automatically booked up with sales calls
  • Learn exactly how to connect with your client on the phone so sales calls become a powerful, deep and enjoyable experience!
  • Learn how to overcome objections without being pushy or salesy!
  • Get my exact script I've used to sell high-ticket + earn 3k and more from one client for one program
  • Learn how to structure your calls so they're authentic for you, fun, and powerful!
  • Get my "Inner Guidance" Check-in that you can give to clients so they can check in intuitively to ensure working together is in alignment with their guidance!
  • Create your "Program Guides" so your clients can have a hard copy outline of your program. (Some people need to read, research + sit with it!)
  • Learn how to follow up after a sales call.
  • Skyrocket your sales as you bring on more clients and hear YES! more often!

Week Five: Powerful Webinars

  • Set up a simple 4-step funnel so that your clients consistently FIND YOU!
  • Create a powerful lead magnet (webinar) so that you can share your story + connect with your clients 24/7!
  • Automate your business systems so you're freed up to work in your zone of genius!
  • Create and grow an email list so you can nurture a community and create a movement!

Week Six: Your Client Booking on AutoPilot!

  • Set up your calendar so it does the work for you + you're freed up to focus on money-making tasks!
  • Create a Discovery call so you can connect with clients, learn about their needs + create programs + courses to support them in their evolution + growth!
  • Create a Discovery session application to weed out any folks who aren't a good fit so you can only work with those who light up your soul!

Week Seven: Traffic

  • Learn how to set up Facebook ads that will get your offer in front of your ideal client so you can attract clients + money automatically
  • Learn how to set up your Facebook traffic pixel so you can know the numbers in your biz- how many people are looking at your offers? How many are saying, YES!?
  • Learn how to run Ads for any type of campaign that you'd like, including to grow your Facebook Group.
  • Get support in continuing to tweak your ads
  • Know how to track + exactly WHAT numbers you need to be looking at

Week Eight:

  • Have an implementation week where you can catch up and still access me for support!

6 Reasons to Embrace Your Soul Gifts and Build Your Business Online

  • You were sent here by the Creator to share your light + love with the world!
  • You don't need a JOB, you have gifts + talents that you can use to create a thriving, beautiful life!
  • It's the BEST time EVER to build an online business! It's easy + you don't need lots of $$ to get started!
  • The world NEEDS the song only you can sing! There are people who can only hear the message from YOU!
  • It's time to embrace your truth + share your self with the world! Come out of the spiritual closet and give it a chance!
  • Build your platform, share your story + make a difference on the planet!

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Your Instructor

Rachel Claire
Rachel Claire

Who is Rachel Claire?


I'm a Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Biz Consultant.

I'm also a course creator, blogger + Master Manifestor!

I'm a mama to Sophia Grace (almost 4!)

I've been reading people all over the world for 9 years. I've been supporting other spiritual women to grow their healing businesses online for over 6 years.

In 2012, I jumped off the cliff and left my secure teaching position to be a psychic reader! I've learned how to grow a blog and a business over the last 6 years + I now live in my beautiful dream home + work from home with my beautiful daughter.

I LOVE supporting other healers, intuitives, spiritual coaches, energy workers, light-workers and change agents with powerful tools to share their gifts, shine their light + leave their 9-5!

I've created a list of over 7500 people, a blog with thousands of monthly viewers, evergreen funnels, webinars, courses, 1:1 offers and high-ticket masterminds! I've cracked the code on hitting 10k months + beyond, creating passive streams of income + I've brought in over 6 figures with my business!

I've invested years + thousands of dollars learning the best-practices of online business building + I love sharing it with you!

It's my mission to empower the DIVINE FEMININE!

Thank you for visiting this page, and stay tuned! I hope to work with you!


Rachel Claire

Where do I begin to express my gratitude for the expert help and dedication Rachel Claire has given me? One thing I can say for sure is: Do not hesitate to seek her help if you feel it’s a good fit. You will not regret it. She’s a natural teacher with a compassionate flair. She knows her stuff and delivers it in detail, making herself readily available for questions, as any teacher of substance would. Her knowledge about marketing combined with her gift for healing is unique and not often found in one beautiful package. Thank you, Rachel!!

-Jan Morris, Clairaudient Healer + Artist


When I booked a clairvoyant reading with Rachel, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Two minutes into the reading and I was immediately assured that she is the real deal. Her authentic presence is so gentle and calming, yet powerful and results- oriented. What she shared that day was life changing for me. Rachel gave me the motivation to move forward with confidence. She is also generous in sharing resources before and after the reading to guide and support her clients. I received so much clarity and joy from that reading and have recommended Rachel’s services to many already!

~Dimple Aurora, Mindset + Empowerment Coach, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What happens when you buy the course?

Step 1:


Within a few minutes, you'll receive an email with your unique log in and password to access the private course website instantly!

Step 2:

You will have instant access to all of the trainings and tutorials, so you can get started right away. You can begin creating your business within minutes. Enter a community of support + have a full-time coach available to answer your questions + guide you through each step.

Step 3:

Officially create your mission for your business, do a happy dance, and continue to grow your business like crazy with the most fun (and profitable!) strategy you’ll ever implement in your business!

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MIRACLES MANIFEST is for you if…

  • You’re 100% committed to doing your work +using the tools provided to you.
  • You’re a “no excuses” I’m on a mission kind of person!
  • You’re ready to RECEIVE.
  • Ready to MANIFEST MIRACLES in a BIG way, NOW!
  • You're ready to invest in Facebook Ads so people can find your business
  • You're ready to automate your business so you free up time
  • You're ready for a strategy that you can stick to that works!
  • It's time to have certainty around your offer, your pricing + the VALUE you offer!
  • It's time to position yourself as an expert
  • You're good at self-pacing + learning online
  • You know what's missing is a good plan you can follow!
  • You'll do the work- you just need someone to show you what to do so you STOP spinning your wheels!

Interested in this program and still have questions?

Want to upgrade to have weekly Zoom calls with Rachel?

Sign up for a free strategy session with Rachel Claire to see if it's a good fit!